Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Bearer of Indonesian Women's Emancipation

Raden Ajeng Kartini was born in 1879 in the town of Apex. He is son of a nobleman who was very obedient to the customs. After graduating from elementary school he was not allowed to continue their education to higher levels by the parents. He secluded while waiting time to wed. Small Kartini was very sad with this, he wanted to resist but did not dare for fear of being children of disobedience.

Reading a fetish, there is no day without reading. All books, including newspaper reading. If there is difficulty in understanding books and newspapers he read, he always asked the father. Through this book, Kartini think women are interested in the progress of Europe (the Netherlands, who was still colonized Indonesia). The desire to promote the Indonesian women. Women not only the kitchen but also must have the knowledge. He started with her girlfriends gather to be taught science writing and other writing. Amid the busy life he did not stop reading and also writing letters to his friends residing in the Netherlands. Before long, he wrote a letter to Mr.JH Abendanon. He pleaded awarded a scholarship to study in The Netherlands.

Kartini succeeded in establishing Women's School in Semarang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Malang, Madiun, Cirebon and other areas. The school name is "Kartini schools." Fame does not make Kartini became arrogant, he remained polite, respectful family and anyone else, does not distinguish between poor and rich. No One if we gave him the nickname of the bearer of Indonesian women's emancipation. Struggling to gain gender equality. And establishing women's schools to increase the degree of Indonesian women.

On 17 september 1904, Kartini died in the age of 25, after she gave birth to their first son. After Kartini died, Mr.JH Abendanon to collect and record the letters that Kartini had sent to its friends in Europe. The book was entitled "DOOR TOT DUISTERNIS Licht" which means "After Darkness Light of publication."

Although the carrier Indonesian women's emancipation has not, does not mean the struggle was over. Now it is our turn as the host nation Indonesia relay milestone becomes a higher national dignity in the world arena.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Green Banana Ice

Since long time I did not buy this drink. Only yesterday was finally able to buy it. Ice Green bananas are native beverages typical of Ujung Pandang, is the most delicious drink when enjoyed during hot weather. It turned out that makes it very easy, even we can make it yourself at home with family. If you are interested, here's how to create a Green Banana Ice:

Cuisine Category: Beverages
Estimated Preparation Time: 45 minutes
Presented To: 5 People
40 grams of rice flour
1 / 2 teaspoon salt
300 ml water
Suji leaves 100 ml water
3 drops of green dye
175 grams of rice flour
5 old banana king
shaved ice
red syrup
650 ml coconut milk (raw sauce)
Tepungh 50 grams of flour (raw sauce)
75 grams of sugar (raw sauce)
1 pandan leaves (raw sauce)
1 / 4 teaspoon salt (raw sauce)

How to Treat:
  • Stir the rice flour, salt, water, water suji leaf, green dye and boiled while stirring until boiling, remove from heat.
  • Add rice flour, mix well and stir again until smooth (not sticky). Tipiskan dough, balutkan in banana shut.
  • Steam the bananas for 20 minutes. Remove and set aside.
  • Boil the sauce ingredients to a boil, then lift the freeze.
  • Diced green bananas, pour the sauce, shaved ice, and red syrup.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 Stadiums for World Cup 2010

A few more months grandest World Cup performances will be held soon. Southern African countries as the steering unsparing to prepare for this event as vibrant as possible. Can be seen from the preparation of the stadium that will be used by 32 countries competed. The following statistic data of the 10 stadiums to be used in a game later.

Soccer City Stadium
City: Johannesburg
When Built: 1987
Completed renovated: 2009
Seating capacity: 94,700

As one of the most beautiful and magnificent stadiums in Africa, Soccer City Stadium, will be the place digelarnya first World Cup match between South Africa in 2010 against Mexico, as well as to the ultimate game in the first World Cup Final party at Black Continent. Basic design of the building works were inspired vase shape typical of Africa, known by the name 'Calabash' and its beauty will be increasingly reflected when illuminated at night.

Soccer City is located in Southwest Jonannersburg, near Sowetol, the city where 40 percent of residents live Johannersburg. Hence, the stadium will be the center of activities during the World Cup finals in 2010. Considered the heart of South African football as most important game in the history of South Africa played here.

Also in this stadium, Nelson Mandela was welcomed by the people of South Africa after being released from prison in 1990. Soccer City is the first international stadium is built in South Africa which was originally named FNB Stadium with a capacity of 80,000 people.

Ellis Park Stadium
City: Johannesburg
When Built: 1982
Completed renovated: 2009
Seating capacity: 61,000

Located in downtown Johannesburg and experienced organizing Confederations Cup 2009 Final between Brazil and the United States, the stadium was originally built to hold a football game.

Taken from a board member JD Ellis, the stadium was built in 1982, occupied a special place in the hearts of the people of South Africa. That was where the 1995 South African rugby team won the Rugby World Cup after defeating New Zealand. At that time, Nelso Mandela lifted the trophy and unites people in celebration of that victory.

The stadium is equipped with facilities for disabled spectators, high-tech audio visual technology, and special places for the VIP audience. Ellis Park is the cage of a local club Orlando Pirates.

Durban Stadium or Moses Mabhida Stadium
City: Durban
Finish Built: 2009
Seating capacity: 70,000

The new stadium is built it will become one of the organizers of the 2010 World Cup semi-final party. Characterize the giant buildings of architectural art and describes recent state flag at the southern tip of the African continent. Located in central Kings Park Sporting Precinct, the stadium has two curved lines on the roof which was then embedded in the main arch, symbolizing unity in a country that once divided by racial sentiments.

Seating capacity of 70,000, this stadium has multiple functions and features a cable car on the main arch and the stadium dwell bertinggi 350 meters 106 meters above the ground surface itun. From the cable car that will be seen a panoramic beach and town. Also the area around the stadium that will be used as support facilities such as restaurants, shops, kids playground, and walking the path that connects with the shore.

Moses Mabhida, whose name is used as the name of this stadium, is a political opponent of apartheid fighter and a politician leading the African National Congress, a revolutionary movement that won elections in 1994.

Green Point Stadium
City: Cape Town
Finish Built: 2009
Seating capacity: 70,000

Built in the main port city, Cape Town, this stadium is one of the most admired websites in the city and will become a place pegelaran one party for the 2010 World Cup semi-final. Multipurpose stadium is located just a stone's throw from the beach, the mountains of Cape Town as a backdrop. In addition, a strategic location adjacent to the center for transportation. The stadium was also equipped with a silencer layer.

Loftus Versfeld Stadium
City: Tshwane / Pretoria
Built: 1906
Completed renovated: 2008
Seating capacity: 50,000

As one of the oldest stadiums in South Africa, various events have been held here since 1903, while the first concrete structure which can accommodate 2000 people was built by the city council in 1923. The stadium continues to be improved since the year 1948 and used for rugby and football matches, even in 1995 became the pretext of Rugby World Cup and African Nations Cup in 1996. Loftus Versfeld Stadium is where the national team beat South Africa for the first European country, Sweden, in 1999.

Free State Stadium
City: Mangaung / Bloemfontein
Start Built: 1952
Completed renovated: 2008
Seating capacity: 48,000

Enclosure of some of the local football club will become the focus of the World Cup later. This is where the Spanish team, winning the first Cup in 2009 are surprisingly Kondfederasi fallen from U.S. national team in the semi-final match.

Bloemfontein residents known to the spirit of sports, while sports center in their town has become an arena of several national sports competitions, especially rugby and football.

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium or Port Elizabeth Stadium
City: Nelson Mandela Bay or Port Elizabeth
Finish Built: 2009
Seating capacity: 48,000

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium was built on the shores of North End Lake and will be host to seize third place match, the quarterfinals, and the other six games during the World Cup in 2010. Has a unique roof structure and a beautiful background for pemandangn near North End Lake. Previously, all matches played football in this town in Eastern Province rugby stadium, South Africa.

Peter Mokaba Stadium
City: Polokwane
Finish Built: 2010
Seating capacity: 46,000

Named according to a fighter antiapartheid, Peter Mokaba stadium commemorate the spirit and inspiration of the warrior who is also from the city of Polokwane. The design of the stadium was inspired by a local symbol, Baobab trees, the structure of the steel columns supporting the roof in each corner.

Stadium, a distance of five kilometers from the town center was built near the old stadium Peter Mokaba in Limpopo Province. At the stadium, which is now defended Didier Drogba of Chelsea, made his first international debut for Ivory Coast at the African Nations Cup qualifier against South Africa.

Mbombela Stadium
City: Nelspruit
Finish Built: 2009
Seating capacity: 46,000

This includes the new stadium was built to welcome the World Cup in 2010. It took its name from the name of the town of Nelspruit and Mbolela derived from the Siswati language (one of the official languages of South Africa), literally meaning "lots of people gathered in a small place." Situated in Mpumalanga Province, the stadium is about eight miles from downtown and 12 kilometers from Kruger-Mpumalanga Airport.

Royal Bafokeng Stadium
City: Rustenburg
Starting Built: 1999
Completed renovated: 2010
seating capacity: 42,000

The stadium was named after the Bafokeng tribe settled in the area. Although Rustenberg has no local club, but the stadium has played host to the local football leagues (Premier Soccer League) and when South Africa beat Burkina Faso 2-1 in World Cup qualifying match in 2001. The stadium is located 25 kilometers from downtown Rustenberg.
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Friday, April 16, 2010

10 Nature of Man

Men can be crazy because of the smile of a woman
Men want to let a lot of things to you
The man is a good flatterer when flirting, but they usually stammer when they talk with their preferred female really
Men love their mother
When a man says he loves you Once In a Lifetime. He does
Men like women who have a brain in an appeal by a woman in a miniskirt
Men have a strong passion to change but have weak will of power
A man is wasting his time by playing Video Games and Basketball, as a woman is wasting his time with grooming or shopping
Men love you more than you love them, if they undergo a serious relationship
Men really think that she is strange and can not guess, but still love them more than women love men Read More..

Monday, April 12, 2010

Menguak "Cinta yang Agung" Karya Kahlil Gibran


Adalah ketika kamu menitikkan air mata
dan MASIH peduli terhadapnya..
Adalah ketika dia tidak mempedulikanmu dan kamu MASIH
menunggunya dengan setia..
Adalah ketika dia mulai mencintai orang lain
dan kamu MASIH bisa tersenyum sembari berkata ‘Aku
turut berbahagia untukmu’

Apabila cinta tidak berhasil…BEBASKAN dirimu…
Biarkan hatimu kembali melebarkan sayapnya
dan terbang ke alam bebas LAGI ..
Ingatlah…bahwa kamu mungkin menemukan cinta dan
tapi..ketika cinta itu mati..kamu TIDAK perlu mati

Orang terkuat BUKAN mereka yang selalu
menang..MELAINKAN mereka yang tetap tegar ketika
mereka jatuh

Sangat bagus ketiga bait di atas, begitu menggambarkan bagaimana kita tidak perlu terbudakkan oleh cinta,...cinta adalah aliran air mengikuti waktu yang nantinya pasti akan mengalir ke muara ibadah. Cinta bisa kandas oleh bendungan dan badai namun sifat airnya takkan hilang dan terus mengalir menuju muara pula. Tak peduli Begitu banyaknya rintangan cinta kan menemukan kita nanti. Read More..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Words of Inspiration by Mario Teguh

If you're right, do not be too bold and
if you're scared, do not be too scared.
Because balance is a determinant of attitude
accuracy of your success journey

Our job is not to succeed. Our task
is to try, because in trying to
that we discover and learn to build
chance to succeed

You just close to them who you are
liked. And you often avoid people
otherwise you do not like, but from him
You will recognize the new viewpoint

Only people who can dare to be afraid, because
courage is doing something
feared. So, if feel afraid, you will
have the opportunity to be brave

Capable of defeating the greatest power
stress is the ability to choose which thoughts
appropriate. You will be more peaceful if the
you think are way out of trouble.

Do not ever tear down a fence without knowing
why was founded. Never abandon
guidance without knowing the goodness of badness
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Friday, April 9, 2010

Ibu Samsariah, Indonesia

Microfinance helps Ibu Samsariah dream of a better life—even after the tsunami threatened to take it away.

Ibu Samsariah fished the canal near her home in the village of Ruko and the ocean for oysters. Her husband worked as a labi-labi driver (a small mini-van that operates like a bus) and her two sons found work when they could as day laborers. Between the four of them, they made a modest living and lived comfortably with their combined income meeting their basic needs. However, the tsunami in 2004 hit Samsariah’s village with a vengeance.

As it approached, she and her family heard their neighbors’ screams. Before they could reach higher ground, the waves overtook them. She and her sons swam for their lives and ended up in Darussalam, a neighborhood five kilometers away. Her husband was swept out to sea, never to be seen again. After the tsunami, Samsariah and her sons were left with no husband and father, no possessions, no tools for fishing, and no income. Despite her family’s already devastating situation, Samsariah met two young boys who were orphaned by the tragedy. She decided to take them in and raise them as her own, sharing with them whatever she had left. For months, she and her sons relied on aid and donations.

But at the beginning of 2006, Samsariah took control and began to turn her luck around. She formed a group and received a $100 loan from Yayasan Mirtra Dhuafa (YAMIDA) to buy the necessary equipment to re-start her business. She contacted the man at the nearby market with whom she used to do business to see if he would buy her oysters. He agreed and she immediately set to work. Within a day of receiving the loan she once again had an income.

With the money she makes from her oysters, combined with the odd jobs her sons find, they manage to make ends meet. Samsariah plans to open a stall of her own in the local market, which would allow her to benefit from a markup of her sales price. The profits from owning her own stall would enable her hire someone else to fish for and shell the oysters. As her income continues to improve, she hopes to send her adopted sons to school. She dreams of them finishing high school, a dream that no one in her immediate family has yet realized.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I like That

such as Aquarius, like me
such as water, go with the flow
such as soil, blackened and crushed
such as air, light and wasted ...

I like that ...
sometimes fragile, sometimes so strong
like a tree trunk ...
which at the time easy so vulnerable, while growing so strong and so fragile when dagger

I like that ...
like a black shadow
silent behind the scenes
followed the captain's body

I like that ...
like a blind man's cane
his guide in the darkness of the world ..

I like that ...
unlike anything I had imagined ..
anything like that .. that's me ...

By Herman
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Healthy Juice Processing

We know that drinking juice in the morning will be very healthy for the body. In addition to providing vitamin juice banyakkandungan also able to provide lots of fiber supply for the body. Often when we make the juice, we do not know that what we do like to add lots of sugar and additional trelalu excessive ice can reduce the benefits of these juices. Therefore, we must know how to cultivate a healthy juice with retaining nutrients contained in them.

Fruit juices are basically divided into three kinds: juice, lassi, and smoothies.
  • Juice is a juice that is obtained by way of being blackmailed by hand (orange juice) or with the aid of a machine blackmailer (juice extractor or blender), such as pineapple juice, apple juice, and others. Juice can also be made from fruits / vegetables mashed with blender, such as watermelon juice, melon juice, cucumber juice and tomato juice.
  • Lassi is a drink of juice mixed with yogurt.
  • smoothie is a blended juice or lassi certain materials so that a soft textures (smooth) and can disendoki. Mixture commonly used include banana, avocado, young coconut, and oatmeal (rolled oats / quick-cooking oats).

Tips cultivate a healthy juice:
  1. To get healthy and beneficial juices, fruit store in the refrigerator until cold. Remove the fruit from the refrigerator, let stand 15-30 minutes before being processed so that the fruit is cool and not too cold.
  2. If juice is presented with a temperature of a refrigerator or add ice cubes, nutrients will be absorbed and utilized the body difficult. Most optimal nutrient absorption occurs when food temperature is not much different equivalent or body temperature.
  3. Juice is rich in antioxidants and nutritious as an antiaging active contained in the group of fruits / vegetables that contain carotenoids (beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein), vitamin C and citric acid. Carotene and vitamin C can invigorate cell rejuvenation.
  4. Content of carotene found in carrots and many local fruits which are now increasingly rare, the persimmon.
  5. sour taste in the ripe fruit is not easy to maintain vitamin C is broken. However, it does not mean sweet fruit does not contain vitamin C. Papaya and guava sweet red fruit is full of vitamin C.
  6. Citric acid - especially in the lemon juice / lime - are a tonic for the liver, thus intensified the liver function in making toxic substances / free radicals in the body. Other ripe fruit that is rich in citric acid and orange sweet soursop / tangerine.
  7. healthy omega-3 fats also includes a powerful antioxidant. Contained in avocados, nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews), and extra virgin olive oil.
  8. For health and antiaging should not make the juice of sweet alcoholic mixed fruit (fruit that tastes very sweet, a little watery, and easily turned into alcohol if pemeramannya too ripe). Examples include durian, jackfruit, or Cempedak.
  9. To be beautiful and youthful skin, the mind must also be relaxed and away from stress. Nutritional stress antidote is potassium (all types of fruit), vitamin B complex (green beans, red beans, and legumes species), and substance relaxants (chocolate powder).

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Shrimp cooking secrets

Shrimp is a very tasty seafood. Many are rich in protein and calcium. Obviously we are familiar with a variety of shrimp dishes that process as an addition to taste her cooking. How to cook shrimp is delicious secret? Here are some tips that may help you:

* In the fuel or in baked
Typically for this dish like wearing large shrimp served in the form intact. Shrimp should be washed first under running water until clean. First wash all parts of the tail to the head to the net. Then cut back slightly elongated with a knife. Remove the dirt in the form of "thread" black. Then rinse again until they are clean. To remove fishy smell, soak it with water shrimp
lime juice for 30 minutes

* Shrimp Peel
Usually chosen which type of small shrimp (banana, shrimp cap). Usually used for sauteing or soup mix used. Peeled quite a way to clean it, and discard the head, then rinse clean. If would be cooked, the shrimp can be roasted first to remove water content and the shrimp is ready put in stir-fry seasoning.

* Shrimp Broth
Do not waste shells. This section can be utilized to make the broth.
wash heads and shells until they are clean, trimmed with wood charcoal that has been in the wash (to remove the poison shrimp) until the head of the shrimp change color, remove and strain the broth. Well broth is ready to be processed into meal full text, such as soup etc..

To get the aroma and flavor of the shrimp is really fresh, there In recent thing to note:
  • Select shrimp that are still in a fresh condition. When will process frozen shrimp, shrimp first move into the refrigerator to thaw.
  • Do not add too many spices, because it will damage the flavor, taste and appearance of the shrimp.
  • Do not cook too long and cooked shrimp, because the flavor will be bland

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I'm Unique

I'm unique and different from others
I do not have the same unique by others
I'm unique in that difference ...

Unique is not a shortage of our
Unique range of advantages that give us

Being unique is not strange
Being unique is not wrong
But being unique is between deficiency and excess

A unique choice to live
Unlike the others, but together they are among the advantages
sharing in times of shortage we are ..

Unique is our self ...
Beyond anything

By HeRman
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BestSeller Book : Negeri 5 Menara

"Negeri 5 Menara" is the work of Ahmad Fuadi first novel, published by Scholastic in 2009. This novel tells about the life of 6 students from the 6 different regions studying in Pondok Madani (PM), East Java Ponorogo far from home and succeed in realizing the dream world to reach the window. They are:

1. Alif Fikri Chaniago of Maninjau
2. King Lubis from Medan
3. Said Jufri from Surabaya
4. Dulmajid from Sumenep
5. Atang from Bandung
6. Baso Salahuddin from Gowa

Their school, learning and boarding from grade 1 to grade 6. Kian day they grow closer and have the same passion that is sitting under a tower of civil cottage. From the same passion they refer to themselves as Sahibul Tower.

Alif was born on the edge of Lake Maninjau and never touch the ground outside the realm of the Minangkabau. His childhood was hunting in the jungle windfall Bukit Barisan, playing ball in the muddy rice fields and bathed in the blue waters of Lake Model. Suddenly he had to take a bus three days and three nights across the back of Sumatra and Java to a remote village in East Java. His mother wanted him to become Buya Hamka though Alif want to be Habibie. With a half-hearted mother orders him to follow: learning in the lodge.

On the first day of classes at Pondok Madani (PM), Alif fascinated with "spells" magic man wa jadda Jada. Who would seriously successful. He was amazed to hear a football commentator on the Arab-speaking, the child became delirious in English, and was impressed by the cabin every morning like a float in the air.

Jewer punishment, united by a chain, Alif close friends with the King of Medan, Said from Surabaya, Dulmajid from Sumenep, Atang from Bandung and Baso of Gowa. Beneath the towering minarets, they are waiting for Maghrib, staring at clouds drifting back to the horizon violet. In their young eyes, the clouds transformed into a dream state and their respective continents. Where dreams take them? They do not know. All they know is: Do not ever underestimate the dream, even as high as anything. God really is the Hearer.

Novel which revolves around the young generation is full of motivation, talent, passion and optimism to go forward and do not know the surrender, is a very valuable lesson not only as art, but also about education and acculturation process for the creation of a reliable human resources. Suppose a nation that many children have the opportunity and experience as they are, the Indonesian nation will prosper in the future realize an advanced and prosperous, respected and at par with other nations.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pace This Morning

Tired yesterday, did not fade today
Tired of yesterday, still exists in today's story step

This morning, I step forward again this leg
Reaching an unsuccessful step yesterday
Reaching a better step today

Pace this morning, the remaining memories and tired yesterday that has changed
This day turned into despair
Become discouraged that opened the gates to a bright tomorrow

Pace this morning, yesterday's change for the better step
Bringing happiness to my friends around me

Pace this morning ...
Step through the tired ...

By HeRman
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Like You

I want to be like you ...
pleased to be able to laugh at
sad at the moment can cry

I want to be like you ...
can be painted in dark skies
can illuminate the stars tonight

I want to be like you ...
never tired to remove fatigue
not be tired with pride

I want to be like you ...
blinding in the afternoon when
a candle in a dark time

I want to be like you ...
you who make this heart there ...

By HeRman
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