Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some Culinary Tours Places Malang

The poor are not only rich in natural beauty alone, culinary tourism wealth was necessary to try by my friends. Some places might I suggest to my friends tried to culinary tour there. The poor cold-warm culinary hot hehehehe ^ ^

Inggil Restaurant on Jl. Gajahmada, ethnic characteristic of East Java fully decorated like a gallery with a collection of ancient objects that make the colonial era drool visitors. My choice of cuisine: Sambal Pencit matching Gurame Fried or Burn. The best moment if you are having dinner because the atmosphere is very supportive if you want to experience the nuances of the colonial era to the accompaniment of live music tempo songs doeloe. Plus a touch of regional clothing from his waiters are friendly.

Toko Oen Restaurant, a restaurant located near the Square of Malang was established in 1930. Decor and display devices are identical as they were. My choice dishes: Beef Tongue Beef and black coffee. Oh yes the best place is from the main door you walk to the right, choose a table near the window. You will feel the cool breeze breezy Malang. The best moment for me was to have lunch and spend time, waiters are guaranteed kagak gonna be wondering what message would, for knowing this restaurant often used as a meeting point of foreign tourists visiting Malang. So many foreign tourists who can sit for hours, including me personally. Because the Scholastic Book Store side by side with this restaurant, you can buy books at Scholastic here and read your coffee company; while waiting for the wife and your kids shopping at the mall seputaran Square.

Padi Resto & Galerry on Jl. Pahlawan Trip, who is also a gallery restaurant in a house in 30'an art deco. My choice of cuisine: Steak with Blackpepper Medium dish. Suitable for dinner. The best place if you need privacy choose a place on the floor above.

Indie Resto Park, in New Indie - Araya, a very suitable place for dinner and is located on the riverbank. The best place for me at the bottom and special menus or Burn Patin Fish Tail Soup Fried Beef. A fascinating place and very typical. Plus romantic.

Meatball Cak Man, in front of the hospital Lavallete stores. Well if that is a bit different because you will be invited to a culinary adventure from Malang meatballs meatballs meatballs grilled to normal. What is interesting is the concept of self-service. Suitable for the day. Only the gravity if you come late, do not be disappointed if some of the menu has been preceded by other visitors.

Pecel Glintung, the number Jl. S. Parman; pecel most delicious rice in Malang at least in my opinion although there are others like Mbok Jo, Pecel Kawi and so on. Glintung Pecel located on the street but is a bit down from the road. Spices and companion such as satay menu komoh, salted eggs and corn cakes make you enjoy it more exciting. I hope you agree with me after a try.

51 Depot, for me personally this cwie noodles (noodle dumplings) in Malang delicious, even as there Crickets Noodle Gang, Hot Cwie Mie and others. This nyelempit small depot in numbers Jl. S. Parman near a red light and look for her because rada Shuhite not install signs. It is because of the rather narrow Kudu makes people turn to for getting a table. Oh yes please do not come on Tuesday, because they are not open holidays.

Tugu Restaurant, Hotel Tugu Malang; this restaurant is first class. Suitable for breakfast, lunch or evening. The menu varies from Indonesia to Europe. You can enjoy a collection of ancient objects. The place you should try. My favorite menu here Rice and Goat Legs Soto. Oh yeah, Ice Lemon Tea was perfect!

Ayam Goreng Bang Saleh, the number Karangploso. The only restaurant that serves free white rice. Ayam Goreng Sambal Eggplant and his awful. Because of its location to the Stone from the Karanglo; maybe you should stop for lunch at this place than to see traffic (if you're out of luck) on the way to the Rock. A fun place.

Dim Sum, Hotel Gajahmada. In Malang there are several restaurants serving dim sum such as peer support groups in Araya and S. Crickets Restaurant Gang Parman; but somehow dim sum at the Hotel Gajahmada it taste better with a relatively affordable price. You and family should come early morning around 07.30. Instead nothing to worry kagak Sikh gets desk if the hotel's many guests, because the area is used for hotel guests for breakfast, too.

Manado Restaurant on Jl. Cipto Mangunkusumo. These are my favorite wife of Manado. This restaurant really friendly to us with a unique decor Manado with long tables and wide and lined chairs. The best places in if you want to eat tonight. But if you just drink coffee and enjoy a unique tidbit of Manado; please choose a table on the left side as you enter or on the front. The advantages of this restaurant friendliness of his waiters. Kayaking in Sonder, Minahasa - my wife said, because god can hear the language he has not heard Smile

Rice Thump, at number K.A. Station Poor. This unique rice buk best Madurese in Malang. It's a small place and have the crush but it was gone when we enjoy delicious. Do not hesitate if you do not speak Javanese misfortune; still speak the Indonesian language; you must be served well. Really suited for breakfast with your family.

Rice Rawon Nguling, Chinatown. That this should not be ignored. If your have not eaten rice Malang Rawon Honestly it's not you to Malang. In this place you will be presented really super fast. Suitable for breakfast. Besides rice, there Rawon other menus. The best place for you and your family is at the back, more cool and quiet and spacious.

Soto Lombok, near RS RKZ. This is also typical of Malang. You just have to be ready if you do not like to eat foods that are mixed. Because the rice and soup will be served in a bowl. Choose menu complete soto drinking iced tea and sweet. Suitable for breakfast.

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The origin Ceremony KASADA (Kasodo)

According to the story, the origin of the ceremony occurred KASADA few centuries ago. In Brawijaya Dynasty reign of Majapahit Kingdom. The empress was blessed with a daughter named Roro anteng, after the late princess had grown a young couple from the caste Brahmin named Joko Seger.

At the time of Majapahit into decline and simultaneously began the spread of Islam in Java, some mandarins and some relatives decided to move to the east, and partially towards the Tengger Mountains region including Rara anteng couples and Jaka Seger.

Couple Rara anteng and Jaka Seger build settlements and then ruled the region called the Tengger Purbowasesa kurat Ing Tengger, meaning "Lord of the Tengger Yang Budiman". Tengger name taken from the final syllable Rara name and Jaka Seger anteng.

The word also means Tenggering Tengger Budi Luhur or high moral recognition, symbol of eternal peace. From time to time the Tengger people prosperous and peaceful life, but the authorities did not feel happy, because after a while the couple and Jake Rara Tengger anteng berumahtangga not also blessed with offspring. Then was decided to ascend to the top of Bromo mountain to meditate with confidence to the Almighty to karuniai descent.

Suddenly there are voices saying that magic meditation, they will be granted but on condition that when it becomes a descent, the youngest child to be sacrificed to the crater of Mount Bromo, Couple Roro and Jaka Seger anteng menyanggupinya and then the acquisition of the 25 sons and daughters, but the instincts of people parents can not bear to keep losing sons and daughters. Short Rara couples and Jaka Seger anteng broken a promise, God became angry with threatening to inflict evil, then there becomes a state tempests dark crater of Mount Bromo flames.

Kesuma youngest son disappeared from sight and fire licked into the crater Bromo, the same loss of voice Kesuma Unseen: "Dearly beloved, I have been sacrificed by our parents and Hyang Widi save you all.

Live a peaceful and serene, Hyang Widi worship. I remind you that you each month KASADA on the 14th day of the offerings made to Hyang Widi in the crater of Mount Bromo. This habit hereditary followed by Tengger people and each year a ceremony was held at the potential KASADA ocean of sand and crater of Mount Bromo.

On the night of the 14th month the Tengger people KASADA adherents of Hinduism (Mahayana Buddhism by Hindus Parisada East Java) in droves to the top of Mount Bromo, a ongkek with offerings from a variety of crops, livestock and so on, then thrown into the crater of Mount Bromo as offerings to the god he believed Bromo enthroned on Mount Bromo. These sacrifices begged Tengger community and get the blessings of salvation given by the Almighty.

The ceremony begins with the inauguration KASADA Tengger elders and ballet performances Jaka Seger anteng Rara on an open stage Ngadisari Village. Then promptly at 24.00 in the morning held the inauguration of the shaman and the blessing of the people in a sea of sand potent Mount Bromo. Shaman Tengger society is a leader in the field of religious people, who usually led the rituals of marriage, etc.. Before appointed shamans must pass the exam by rote and recite mantras.

After the ceremony finished, ongkek - which contains ongkek offerings brought from the mountain foot to the crater bromo. And they threw into the crater, as a symbol of sacrifices made by their ancestors. Inside the crater there are many beggars and people who live perched hinterland, they were far distant day to come to the mountain bromo and establish residence dikawah Bromo mountain in hopes that they get thrown offerings. Residents who threw offering a variety of fruits and livestock, they consider it as a vow or their gratitude to the god of livestock and agricultural abundance. Perch population activity in the interior of dikawah bromo mountain we can see from night until noon the day KASADA Bromo.

I love Indonesia ^^

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Kain Batik, Indonesia Native Culture Results

The Development of Batik in Indonesia

Batik is historically derived from ancestral times, known since the seventeenth century, written and painted on palm leaves. At that time batik motif or pattern is still dominated by the form of animals and plants. But in the history of batik development evolved, namely from painting motifs of animals and plants gradually turn to an abstract pattern that resembles a cloud, temple reliefs, wayang beber and so on. Next through the merger of the painting style of clothing decorated with art, batik art emerged as we know it today.

The type and style of traditional batik quite so much, but the pattern and variations in accordance with the philosophy and culture of each region are very diverse. The cultural treasures of this rich Indonesia has led to the birth of batik style and types of specialties tradisioanal with their own characteristics.

History of batik in Indonesia related to the development of the kingdom of Majapahit kingdom and beyond. In some records, the development of batik is often committed in times of Mataram kingdom, then in the kingdom of Solo and Yogyakarta.

Art is the art of batik on fabric image for clothing that was one of the family culture of Indonesian kings of old. Batik initially done only in a limited course and outcome palace for the king and the family clothing and his followers. Because many of the followers of the king who lived outside the palace, the art of batik was taken by them out of court and be done in place of each.

In the development of batik art gradually imitated by the people of this and the next nearest extends to the work of women in the household to fill his spare time. Furthermore, batik clothing was only the royal family, then became a popular folk clothes, both women and men.

White fabric that is used when it is woven themselves. Medium coloring materials used consist of native plants homemade Indonesia among others, from: mengkudu tree, tall, Soga, indigo, and flat materials made from soda ash, as well as salts made from mud.

So this batik in Indonesia has been known since the days of the Majapahit kingdom and continue to grow until the next kingdom. The start spreading this batik art belongs to the people of Indonesia and Java in particular tribe is after the end of the eighteenth century or early nineteenth century. Produced batik batik is all until the early twentieth century and printed batik is known only after the world war was over unity or around the year 1920. Now batik has become part of traditional Indonesian clothing.

Different types of Batik

1. Batik Kraton
Batik Kraton awal mula dari semua jenis batik yang berkembang di Indonesia. Motifnya mengandung makna filosofi hidup. Batik-batik ini dibuat oleh para putri kraton dan juga pembatik-pembatik ahli yang hidup di lingkungan kraton. Pada dasarnya motifnya terlarang untuk digunakan oleh orang “biasa” seperti motif Parang Barong, Parang Rusak termasuk Udan Liris, dan beberapa motif lainnya.

2. Batik Sudagaran
Motif ban from the palace to stimulate artists from the merchant to create a new motive to taste the merchant community. They also change the ban so that the motive motive can the public use. Sudagaran batik designs are generally impressed with "brave" in the election form, stilisasi of natural objects or animals, or a combination of colors that dominated Soga color and dark blue. Batik Sudagaran in the process of presenting the quality of workmanship and the complexity of presenting the new decoration. Creator Sudagaran change batik batik-palace with Isen Isen complex and filled with cecek (spots) that create the most beautiful batik.

3. Batik Petani
Batik is created as a distraction activity housewife at home when not to go to the fields or during leisure time. This batik is usually rough and awkward and not smooth. Hereditary motive as their respective regions and batik unprofessionally done because only a sideline. For any coloring opted to merchants.

4. Batik Belanda
Dutch citizens who are interested in a lot of Indonesian batik. They create their own motifs favored Europeans. Motive of European flowers, like tulips and motives figures famous fairy tale there.

5. Batik Jawa Hokokai
During the Japanese occupation in the northern coast of Java was born variety called batik batik Hokokai. The dominant motif is flowers like cherry blossoms and chrysanthemums. Almost all wore Hokokai Javanese batik background (Isen, Isen) a very detailed like machetes and kawung motif in the center and the edges are filled again, for example, rice flower motifs.

Hopefully some info on the above can make us more loving culture of Indonesia
Bravo ^_^>

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Women like Puzzle

"Glory to God who has created all the pairs, both from what is grown by the earth and from themselves and from what they do not know." (The Qur'an, 36:36)

A line of words from the verses in ataslah GOD Almighty who made 2 kinds of people on this earth. Men and women. Excerpted from the Boy records of "70 The nature of man" that "guy really think that she is strange and can not figure out but still love them more than she loved him". Men with their logic and different from women with feelings puzzle that is difficult to predict, like some romance novels that often they read. Like a novel model that went down their conscious mind, giving them an example to always play their feelings before they reached the destination.
It crossed the mind if a man should have the refusal, on ignore, the waste and not on value. Because if he's too good, never fall in love and hurt because of love, he will not be able to grow up. Actually, not so friends, adult male seen from how the man was to learn from experience, not from the romance books she read and their use as the basis of their experience.

Women, too, the puzzle feelings sometimes make the language look unfold. More play on the feelings and moods that often makes him unable to make a woman melogikakan mind. If the woman's "cubic puzzle" men need some time to put them together. But if he was "cubic puzzle" women only need a fraction of time to throw it away.

Hahahaha ..... It'll be no shortage after all .... after all it was the will of the Almighty. There must be some reason why man is created in pairs. The man with the logic of violence and stiffness must be melted with the feelings and tenderness of women. Similarly, women with a puzzle feelings, he also would have to faithfully re-assembling it.

Some excerpts from several books (Single Men Are Like Waffles, Single Women Are Like Spaghetti by Bill & Pam Farrel; Lounann Female Brain by Brizendine) about the differences of women and men:

1. Cave man, woman gramophon. That is, if he was a problem, hiding away like a cave, while women often used the words. Brizendine research proves that women use about 20,000 words a day, while men only 7000 words.

2. He was like a wafer, a woman like noodles. Kalau berpikir, If you think, he was pleased mengotak-boxing issue. He handles a box first, just after the next box. How to think women can relate to each other and twisted like a noodle.

3. He was like a shell, a woman like a crowbar. Once there was a problem he immediately pulled away like a closed shell, while women like to open with a question that sometimes makes him even more annoyed.

4. He was like a rubber band, she was like a wave. When a problem comes blocking, he can back and forth like a rubber band. he could read the situation when to advance and when to retreat back. Women are like waves. If you're happy emotions went up and did something spectacular. However, so offended, he could pull himself back into the deep sea.

5. He was like a bucket, she was as well. When conversing with someone else, he tried to attract as many as possible of ekuntungan interlocutor. While women like to give views and opinions without being asked.

6. He was like a hero, a woman like a singer. Life was very precious man if he felt needed someone else. That is why, the unemployed man desperate easier than women who are unemployed. Women instead marasa appreciated and respected if his voice heard.

7.Men like superhero, a woman like a supermodel. The man was very proud if he could help many people, while wantia feel very happy if every eye looking at him with admiration. ^ _ ^!

Examined by Professor in psychology from the University of California, Richard Haier, this research together with colleagues at the University of New Mexico. They found that men were 6.5 times more likely to use gray tissue associated with general knowledge, when compared to women. While women 10 times more use of white tissue associated with the knowledge, when compared with men.

"These findings show human evolution has created two different types of brains designed for equally intelligent behavior," Haier said. He also continued the research with gender as the basis of this behavior has the potential to help research on mental illness and other cognitive diseases that occur in the brain.

The results of this study may help explain why there division of tasks between men and women. For example, men tend to be better at things that play is more focus on logic and limited, such as mathematics. While women were better at it and menyampurkan integrate various distributed information gray tissue in the brain, such as language ability.

Hopefully useful mate ... learn the philosophy was fun, too well, between reality and virtual ^ ^

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The brain of the General Intellect

The human brain is larger than the brains of animals, weighing approximately 1.4 kg and consists of 100 billion nerve cells. Encased in the skull and protected by liquid serebospinal. This fluid that serves to protect the brain from both vibration and noise impact on the head.

Allah Almighty who has created it so that we can think, socialize, communicate and remember everything that has happened you passed.

The brain collects information received from the eyes, nose, ears, skin, mouth, etc.. and conclude. Who did this inference is a combination of 100 billion nerve cells in your brain. These cells worked incessantly and lets you see the color of apple you eat, recognize your good friend's voice, and feel the smell of chocolate.

Intelligence is the hope, desire and needs of all people. Brains are basically supported by one's ability to maximize the brain's own work, so the brain can absorb the information received to be stored in the memory of the brain. By maximizing the brain works, means that we maximize our brain capacity. Capacity and performance of our brain is more powerful than the solar system. Based on research, human life is only about 20% capacity of the brain that is used, the other 80% is unknown. This indication reinforces the link between depression and dementia by optimizing our brain. Seeing the ability and capacity extraordinary brain, naturally there is a statement that no man is stupid. Ignorance is implicated by laziness. That is, people who do not feel smart, not really stupid, but lack the ability to maximize performance and brain.

With the human brain can control the mind. Thus the importance of the influence of reason for humans. And the Rahman and her womb, given the sense that human beings become a noble creature, a creature best, as mentioned God in His Word:

"Verily We created man in the form of the best but then we return it to where the lowest. (Attin paragraphs 4 and 5).
Intellect is also supported and equipped with a means of supporting the hearing, sight and hearts so that they are grateful. The sentence contained in surah Al Mukminun paragraph 78:
"It is He Who has created for you all hearing, sight, and hearts. Little you are grateful".

It's time we start now ... grateful thanks to what we feel but do not exist in our bodies ... The spirit is always up to you in the next article ... ^ _ ^> Bravo

quoted from various sources

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